Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Unintentional Haul

Hello there;

So, yesterday I went shopping with my lady, Sian for a few of my Secret Santa presents. This did not go to plan and the majority of what I ended up buying, was for myself. 

Models Own Lip Crayon | Models Own Velvet Gothic | Models Own Splash | Models Own Glitter Kit | Benefit Brow Kit

I went into Debenhams with the intention of buying some novelty socks for the man; I never even ventured into the sock department. I was struck by the Benefit sale in which I purchased an eyebrow kit. I don't even do anything to my eyebrows, so why did I purchase this? Someone please tell me, why I felt the need to buy expensive make-up, that I will not use. What is wrong with me?! Weak willed. 

I also ventured into Boots, for Secret Santa presents. The only thing in this picture that is for someone other than me, is the Models Own Splash. The rest is mine. Even the free glitter kit that was originally going to be for someone else, I have now claimed. I need to sit down and give myself a serious slap. What is my obsession with spending?!

Anyway - this was my unintentional haul and there will be reviews to follow! Including the brow kit as I'm determined to get use out of it! 

Does anyone else have a spending issue?!

- Charli, xo


  1. love the models own polishes!

    1. The velvet one came out really well :) The pink one was for someone else.. sadly :(


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